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Sounds Like Soma, LLC was founded by acclaimed producer, mixing and mastering engineer Zack Hanni in 2007.

We pride ourselves on having a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, with the commitment, equipment, and quality of a major recording studio.

Our competitive rates and ability to exceed expectations have kept our clients coming back, time and time again.

Studio Rates & Services

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Standard Hourly Rate $45/Hour

Includes recording, mixing, mastering, file transfers, and all other work while you are present in the studio.

Bulk Rate $400 for 10 hours (Time can be split across sessions)

It’s always valuable to have a fresh set of ears when mixing and mastering a song – otherwise you develop bias and waste time nit-picking when you could be making your next hit.

Mixing And Mastering Services

For those who already have recorded song stems ready to be touched up.

$80 Mix and Master : Vocals + Stereo Instrumental (5 tracks max)

$130 Mix and Master : Multitrack Recording (verse, bass, snare, guitar, etc.)

$30 Mastering Only

(we prefer stems to be 24 bit depth, 48k sample rate)

Please allow 3-4 business days for completion

Mastering is the final step in bringing your recording to its potential. It gives your music the professional, commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. Make sure your next song is radio ready – you never know who’s listening!

Lease or Buy Beats (demos below)

$20 MP3, $35 WAV, $50 Tracked out stems

Ask for price about making exclusive songs or recreating your favorite beats

Personalized Voice lessons from Kate Tenen

Maximize your voice’s health, range, and flexibility.

$30 per hour

(516) 680-8085

Podcast Production, Recording, and Editing

$90-$300 per episode or by hourly rate

Please contact us so we can discuss the appropriate rate for your podcast.


$45 per hour

Learn to make beats or record from home with personalized lessons from a professional.

Control synthesizers and learn about vocal effects to make your next song pop.

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"The go to studio for all my recording needs. Zack always elevates my music to a rewarding listening and moving experience." - Kenny Darms

Music Samples

Recent Projects

"Anytime I encounter audio issues on my video projects, Zack is my go-to guy. May you need audio mastered, mixed, you name it and odds are he can do it. Mind you I live out of his state and I still come to him for the best quality and rates money can buy.
Five years as his client and looking forward to more. Thanks Zack!" - Felicia Chunn

Beats For Sale. Custom Beats Available

"Was a pleasure working with Soma Recording Studios. They have great up to date equipment. They make sure you come first. Very affordable and does great work. Would suggest anyone wanting to record to go here." - Gage Bingham

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Studio Cell: (856) 298-3095

Location: 1554 S Lambert St, Philadelphia, PA

"The staff and environment are professional which goes a long way in the music industry. The prices are affordable. I appreciate how musically competent Zack is. He is also willing to offer professional suggestions and resources which most producers don't do." - Javenna Avery